Richardson honors local Holocaust survivor

Richardson and MermelsteinAssemblymember Laura Richardson (D-Long Beach) recently honored holocaust survivor Melvin Mermelstein in the Holocaust Memorial Ceremony in the Assembly.
“I am privileged to participate in today’s memorial ceremony in honor of the Holocaust survivors and lives that were lost in this chapter of history. I am especially honored to recognize Mr. Melvin Mermelstein for his courage and commitment to teach us, and future generations about his personal experience,” Richardson said.
Mermelstein is a Long Beach resident and is the sole-survivor of his family’s extermination at the Auchwitz concentration camp.
Mermelstein defeated the Institute for Historical Review in court after sharing his personal experiences of the gassings in Auschwitz during the Holocaust, which were declared a legally incontestable fact. Mermelstein was portrayed by Leonard Nimoy in a 1991 TV movie about the 1981 lawsuit. The movie is called “Never Forget.” He wrote of the court battle in his autobiography, “By Bread Alone.”
Mermelstein is the founder of the Auschwitz Study Foundation and Museum in Huntington Beach, which is dedicated to educating the public on the Nazi Holocaust.
The Holocaust Memorial Ceremony recognized holocaust survivors in California. The ceremony was organized to pay tribute to the survivors, their families, and to honor the lives lost in this horrific chapter in history.