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Focus On Business : Long Beach company leaves clients ‘Taken Care Of’

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wendy-terrado.jpgBy Heather Posey
Staff Writer

In today’s busy world, life can get a little hectic. But in the midst of the daily hassles, Wendy Terrado is there to help the people of Los Angeles and Orange County get their jobs done with her company, appropriately entitled Virtually Taken Care Of, Inc.
Started in 2003 as an outsourced virtual office assistance company, Virtually Taken Care Of, Inc., or VTCO, was designed as a contract service company. It eventually branched out of its virtual services into incorporating onsite administrative and organizational works as well.
“Every now and then people would call in, saying ‘you are so organized and you get my projects done so fast, I wish you could come in and organize my office.’ Then people would say ‘You worked such a miracle in my office, I know this sounds weird, but my garage at home is such a mess’ and it became one thing after another. “ said Terrado.
VTCO, according to Terrado, was established as a solution to her numerous life transitions, including being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In order to maintain her income, she decided to use her experience as an executive assistant to do projects from outside the office.
“I needed a lot of flexibility that allowed me to be professional during the hours I could handle it and then completely turn off when I needed to rest,” she said. “It let me work from my laptop at the doctors, at the hospital, wherever I happened to be at the time.”
Once she was well enough to take on more work, Terrado made more appointments with clients, hired a small staff of three and with demand of her personal organizational services growing, she transitioned into onsite work.
She also offers seminars to help others learn organizational structure and time management, as well as how to take those skills from the office to the home.
“It’s all the same,” Terrado said. “If you can organize one thing, you can organize another. It’s all just a simple line of thought process.”
Prices for VTCO’s services vary depending on the type of service and, if onsite, the size of the room or office. Services VTCO offers include secretarial services, public speaking for companies, and office organization. Terrado has also produced e-books and other publications about personal and professional organization.
For further information about VTCO, call (562) 243-2252 or visit the company online at

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Focus On Business : Long Beach company leaves clients ‘Taken Care Of’