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Police warning graduates, parents about dangers of underage drinking

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With Long Beach high-school graduation ceremonies taking place the week starting June 13, the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) is educating graduates and parents about the dangers of underage drinking. 
Underage drinkers are more likely to involve themselves in unsafe behavior or become victims of a crime due to vulnerability. The consumption of alcohol impairs judgment, affects physical coordination, and may prevent one from maintaining control of one’s body. It may also cause individuals to ignore their morals and values, resulting in poor decision-making, such as driving under the influence. 
These factors can also lead to minors being more susceptible to being victimized because they may be considered easy targets.
Therefore, the LBPD is strongly encouraging graduates and their friends and families to plan celebrations with these considerations and safety in mind.  

With summer vacation now commencing, police are also reminding young adults and parents that the City’s curfew law will be strictly enforced. Section 9.58.010 of the Long Beach Municipal Code states: “It is unlawful for any minor under the age of 18 years to remain in or upon any ‘public place’ as defined in Section 9.02.090, between the hours of 10pm until 6am the following day.”
A press release issued by the LBPD last Friday states: “The LBPD takes curfew violations seriously. Our experience has shown us that children who are on the street after curfew are more likely to become victims of violent crime and also are more likely to become involved in criminal behavior. We are reminding parents that it is important for you to know where your children are at all times, and to ensure they get home safely before curfew.”

The City of Long Beach is offering a variety of summer programs, activities and classes for youth of all ages through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine, and in partnership with the Long Beach Convention & Visitor Bureau. Concerts and movies in the park are fan favorites and activities a family can do together. To learn more about these programs, visit and, or call (562) 570-3100.
For youth employment opportunities through the City of Long Beach’s Hire-A-Youth Program, visit the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network website at

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Police warning graduates, parents about dangers of underage drinking