Focus On Business : Interior plantscaper’s budding business opens retail store

growing-roots.jpgBy Heather Posey
Staff Writer

Now that environmentally friendly people have made it their mission to go green, plant decorating and maintenance company Growing Roots has expanded its business to include a retail store in Long Beach.
Growing Roots, a full-service interior plantscaping company specializing in design and maintenance of indoor plants opened its first store of the same name at 3940 East 4th Street in Long Beach.
Owned and managed by Jennifer Perez, an interior plant professional servicing the Long Beach, South Bay and Orange County areas since 2002, the store offers a variety of indoor acclimated tropical plants, pottery, custom gifts and one-on-one consultations.
“I really enjoy providing interior plant services to residential and commercial clients, but I also just love talking to plant lovers about plants and how to take care of them,” said Perez in a press release. “Now with Growing Roots the store, I’m able to share my plant care expertise with people who may only want one or two plants in their home or office.”
A supporter of the “Green Plants For Green Buildings” association, Perez also provides expert advice on the personal health and environmental benefits of indoor plants and offers plant advice for businesses working to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
“It’s important to understand that interior plants are more than just about décor,” said Perez. “They contribute to good physical and mental health and can help businesses fulfill their “green building” goals by decreasing VOC levels, molds and bacteria, while reducing stress and increasing productivity and focus among employees.”
Growing Roots carries a wide range of indoor tropical plants, including dracaenas, bromeliads, aralias, orchids, succulents and various palms.
“Taking care of indoor plants can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be if you understand the basics such as lighting, watering, temperature and container needs,” said Perez. “As a boutique store, I’m able to provide personal and immediate counseling on a plant’s specific needs before and after you leave the shop.”
Interior plants used by Perez are obtained from nurseries and growers in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and are grown mostly in Hawaii, Florida and California. They are also acclimated to indoor lighting.
Growing Roots provides the sales, leasing, design and maintenance of indoor foliage for the home, office and anything in between. But the store does provide more than plants. Perez also sells gardening kits and decorative pieces for inside and outside the home.
“I wanted to have an eclectic mix of things for people,” she said. “We also have chimes, home décor, grow-it-yourself items as well as all-natural products to help keep plants clean and healthy.”
Growing Roots also sells handmade children’s clothing and handmade embroidery made by Perez’s own mother as well as wooden art handcrafted by Long Beach artist Paul Hogue.
“I wanted to find a local artist whose work I could hang up and whose style flowed with the store,” said Perez. “He uses local palm trunks that fall off the trees, then carves and stains them, making recycled, natural art.”
Perez hopes that she can soon utilize her new store and her plantscaping expertise to get involved with the local elementary schools and help teach children about plants and gardening.
Growing Roots is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information about Growing Roots, call (562) 439-8896 or go online to