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Focus On Business : ViewPoint Laser Center has patients seeing the light

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focus-laser.jpgBy Heather Posey
Staff Writer

Many people have heard of it. Some probably know a friend or relative that has done it. And with the latest technology literally in your face, medical offices such as ViewPoint Laser Center are determined to make the vision correction process as enjoyable as possible for all who come through their doors.
“The process is very quick and simple with the Wavefront/CustomVue procedure,” said surgeon and ViewPoint medical director Donald Serafano. “The actual surgery itself takes less than 10 minutes, and people are usually in and out of here within an hour.”
Introduced to the public more than three years ago, the Wavefront/CustomVue technology is considered a major breakthrough in laser vision correction. Wavefront generates a detailed and personalized map of the imperfections in the eye using its WaveScan system. The information is digitally recorded and transferred to the laser, allowing the CustomVue procedure to be customized according to the specific refractive errors of the patient.
ViewPoint Laser makes sure that each patient is fully aware of the procedure by having them watch a detailed, informative video by the makers of Wavefront/CustomVue as well as a one-on-one consultation with Serafano, who is involved in each step of the process.
“We also have a video of each of us in the office getting our eyes done,” said Clinic Director Annette Seamons.
The outpatient procedure has had very positive feedback, with patients nearly four times as satisfied with their day and night vision as before the surgery.
“Some patients are achieving a level of vision that is 20/20 or better,” adds Serafano. “The most exciting part though is the fact that the technology opens up the procedure to some people who were otherwise not candidates for laser vision correction.”
People, such as Jody Warne-Ellison, who has worn glasses since she was in the third grade. Until recently, she was too afraid to have the elective procedure done but was swayed after having her friends talk to her about it.
“I am such a wimp,” said Warne-Ellison.” but after each of my friends had their eyes done they would tell me how much they loved it and how glad they were that they did it so I just decided to go for it.”
Her surgery lasted nearly 45 minutes. Afterward she claimed to feel no pain what-so-ever, but a light pressure during the procedure.
According to Serafano, when patients get home their eyes tend to feel dry and “grainy,” but they can enjoy their new “personal best vision” in just a few hours.
The cost of the CustomVue Procedure is $2,200 per eye on average and is available for people over 21 years of age who are nearsighted, farsighted and/or astigmatic. The ViewPoint Laser Center is located at 3900 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 190 in Long Beach. For more information, call (562) 290-8440 or visit

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Focus On Business : ViewPoint Laser Center has patients seeing the light