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Celebrating 101st year of Boy Scouts, local council honors numerous achievers during recognition dinner

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<strong>The Long Beach Area Council Boy Scouts of America also recognized Adult Silver Beaver recipients.</strong>

The Long Beach Area Council Boy Scouts of America also recognized Adult Silver Beaver recipients.

The Long Beach Area Council Boy Scouts of America, which serves the cities of Long Beach, Signal Hill, Avalon, Lakewood, and Bellflower, hosted their annual Scout Recognition Dinner at the Grand in Long Beach on Feb. 16. Celebrating the 101st year of the Boy Scouts of America, the Long Beach Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America celebrated its own existence since 1919.
Master of ceremonies Paul Muehlebach welcomed 224 Scouts and Scouters to the gala event. Long Beach Boy Scout Council President Jim Jeffery and Scout Executive John Fullerton made remarks, and dignitaries present included Signal Hill Mayor Larry Forester and Bellflower Mayor Pro-Tem Dan Koops. The California State Senate District 27, the City of Signal Hill, and the City of Long Beach presented certificates to the awardees.
The Council acknowledged the 56 Scouts who achieved the highest rank in Scouting, that of Eagle Scout, in 2011. They are: Alexander Castro, Troop 74; Joseph Wiseman, Crew 117; Ean Garner, Crew 156; Matthew Lopez, Troop 134; Michael Lopez Troop 134, Jiwon Park Troop 111,, Christian Bandley, Crew 188; Sean Farquhar, Troop 75; Jonathan Hamilton, Crew 391; Nicholas Lehman, Troop 67; Daniel Siegel, Troop 117; Alexander Fest, Troop 126; Colin Eubank, Troop 400; Tyler Given, Crew 188; Philip Huh, Troop 111; Joshua Boron, Troop 1244; Travis Burks, Troop 65; Shawn Mauinatu, Crew 1200; Michael Stephens, Crew 156; Levi Allison, Troop 613; Gabriel Saldana, Troop 400; Johnathan Cervantes, Crew 904; Ryan Farquhar, Troop 75; Charles Marq-Anthony Jones, Troop 170; Donald Koenen, Troop 212; Zachary Nyquist, Troop 65; Devin Eubank, Troop 400; Zachary Sutter, Troop 29; Jacob Wall, Team 393; Fealofani Afemata, Crew 272; Cary Feldman, Troop 120; Andrew Jeong, Troop 111; Eni Tautolo, Crew 72; Scott Baker, Troop 29; John Conti, Troop 120; Conner Fields, Troop 105; Nicholas Rainier, Troop 140; Maxwell Brown-Bass, Troop 140; Joshua Brydon, Troop 14; Michael Chacon, Troop 140; Eric Chin, Troop 111; Justin Dobard, Crew 66; Alejandro Fernandez, Troop 393; Joshua Friedman, Crew 188; Eric Israel, Troop 105; Cameron Jimenez, Troop 156; Danny Ran, Team 1244; Cameron Hayhurst, Troop 117; Samuel Kahn, Troop 65; Jeffrey Majoros, Troop 212; Dustin Perkins, Troop 212; Ryan Spradlin, Troop 134; Tristan Simon, Troop 224; Clay Garris, Troop 120; George Hanson, Troop 101; and David Fair, Troop 1244.
The Council also acknowledged the Sea Scout program by awarding the Quartermaster Award to one youth, Hannah Foster of Ship 509. The Quartermaster Award is the highest rank a Sea Scout can achieve in that program. This year the Sea Scouts are celebrating their 100th year of service within the Boy Scouts program.
Five youth were awarded the Venturing Silver Award, the highest award presented to a youth member in the Venturing program.
They are: Justin Jacobs, Crew 228; Colin Benson, Crew 205; Andrew Bushong, Crew 205; Maribel Frank, Crew 205; and Lucas Murray, Crew 550.
The Venture Leadership Award was presented to four members of the Venture program. They are: Justin Jacobs, Crew 228, and Sarah Martel, Ship 237, who both received the Youth Award; and Shaleana Benson, Crew 205, and Richard Butler, Ship 550, who both received the Adult Award.
Also honored were four Adult Scouters who received the Silver Beaver Award, the highest award an adult Scouter can receive for service to a local council. The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, upon recommendation, awards it from a local council. Those recipients are: Brian Armstrong, Troop 74; Michael Dermody, Crew 228; Gary Hauser, Troop 75; and Steve Wheat, Pack 208.
The Council Commissioner Awards were presented to nine Adult Scouters for their dedication to themselves and to the scouting program by continuing their education by completing courses at the College of Commissioner Science. Three commissioners were awarded the Bachelor of Commissioner Science Degree, and one was awarded the Master of Commissioner Science Degree. Four adults were awarded their postgraduate study certificates, and one received the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.
They are: Charles Anderson, Glenn Draper, and JoAnn Hill, who all received the Bachelor of Commissioner Science; Dan Vance, who earned a Master of Commissioner Science; Jerry Dahlin, Craig Haines, Roger Olson, and Richard Feinberg, who all achieved Postgraduate Studies in Commissioner Science; and Richard Feinberg, who received the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.

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Celebrating 101st year of Boy Scouts, local council honors numerous achievers during recognition dinner