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This afternoon at 4:10pm, I was coming back from Costco on Orange Avenue. When I got to 33rd and Orange, I observed a school crossing guard sitting in a chair. So “what is unusual about that?” you say, as that is the corner where Burroughs [Elementary School] sits. The problem for me is that Burroughs school was closed starting in 2011.
I know what I am about to say is against what all of Long Beach stands for, but here goes.
I believe all school crossing guards should be eliminated. All school bussing should be eliminated. All guidance counselors should be eliminated unless they do the counseling as part of their teaching job. None of these people should be paid by LBUSD as long as teachers are being laid off.
It is time to get our priorities straight. The school money should be spent on teaching and nothing else. The subjects taught in school should meet the needs of the student. The idea that every student must go to college is nuts. Where are the auto mechanics, the plumbers, the carpenters, the welders and the other skilled trades going to get their education? Bring back vocational schools. I realize that the unions won’t like this as they want to corner the market on vocational training. That is not working and never will. There are a lot of people who need to learn a skilled trade without paying union dues. There is no shame in working in the skilled trades; they make good money, and they are the backbone of this country.
We have a city council that is heavily influenced by city unions. So, we are paying for employee pensions we can’t afford. The teachers unions have tried to get control of the Board of Education, and we all know how well that went. It is time to make major changes in our school priorities. All the money should go to the teachers. It is the parent’s job to get the kids to and from school, not the schools. If we continue down the current education path, no one should be surprised when all the good jobs go offshore.

Lew Nelson
Long Beach

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Reading, writing and reasonableness