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Thoughts from the Publisher : Introducing “The Wine Press”

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Neena StrichartBy Neena Strichart

Today on page 12 we launch our newest column–The Wine Press–an informational, educational and entertaining bit of news written by Dave Solzman and Randy Kemner. The two will take turns writing the monthly feature. I am convinced that their expertise and dry (not brut) senses of humor will please and tease our readers’ minds and palates.
Dave (along with his wife Louise) owns Delius Restaurant–a rather upscale dining establishment in Signal Hill. Randy is the owner of the Wine Country, also located in Signal Hill. It is an adult beverage retail establishment also known for its wine tastings, gourmet accoutrements and beautiful wine baskets. Both of these gentlemen tell me their purpose in writing the column is to demystify wining and dining and to make the subject less stuffy and intimidating.
I’ve suggested they teach our readers (and me) how to do things properly–such as food pairings (i.e.: what wine goes with chicken or what appetizers will complement that special bottle of champagne or imported beer)–or even what to order on a first date or special occasion.
They will also keep us all up to date on happenings at other local businesses–such as wine tastings or special dinners.
On a personal note–I have known both of these men for many years. Randy and I go way back. We both grew up with fathers who served as Signal Hill elected officials. His dad was on the city council–mine was city treasurer. Our paths have crossed many times over the decades–especially when Randy’s sister Kris and her family lived across the street from Steve and me. They have since moved to Catalina and we still miss them. I also have a rather nice relationship with Randy’s mom Barbara. She is a dear lady and a nice neighbor. I often see her when I’m driving to work. I stop and we exchange a few words–sometimes just a quick hello. One thing’s for sure–she’s sure proud of her kids.
Dave and I met many years ago when he and Louise bought the original Delius on Long Beach Boulevard. I was selling advertising for the original Signal Newspaper. They were so busy that there were times when I would have to make my in-person sales calls to them late in the evening or chat with them between courses. Those were the days.
Through the years, the group of us has evolved personally and professionally–yet one thing stays the same– we respect each other. I am honored to have them writing for us. Let me know what you think. Bon appetit–and cheers!

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Thoughts from the Publisher : Introducing “The Wine Press”