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Kenneth McKenzie

Since I started in the funeral profession in 1986, families have shared similar stories over and over with me. One recurring story is the dreams people have within a few days after the death of a family member. Most of the stories are very similar— the deceased seem to come to people when they are at their deepest sleep. The person who has died seems to come into their dreams in a much younger appearance. The deceased seems to tell the grieving family member that they are okay and they have to go. They seem to be short and direct that they have to go now. The questions that are so needed to be asked and the overwhelming need to say “I miss you. I love you!” seem to go unanswered..
If this happens to you, embrace it as true and consider yourself blessed. I truly believe when we dream we must be at the same energy level as a person who has died and we are able to receive these messages.
This happened between my Aunt Jean and my Grandma McKenzie. Grandma came to my aunt 55 years younger. Her hair dark, she pulled up in front of my aunt in a 1950s cream-colored car. Her words were short: “I can’t stay long. I’m late. Having a good time.”