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Resplendent Day Spa puts the “care” in skin care

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resplendent1.jpgBy Heather Posey
Staff Writer

The definition of health care is changing in Long Beach. Breaking the misconception of massage as a luxury saved for only special occasions, Resplendent Day Spa is showing that beauty is not the only thing that is skin deep.
Owned by cosmetologist and massage therapist Yvonne Tuchsher, Resplendent Day Spa is a wellness center that offers deep-tissue, Swedish and sports massage, as well as facials, waxing, body wraps and non-surgical face lifts. The most notable service, though, is their in-depth skin-care analysis using Edimi Skin Analysis Technology (ESAT).
“This is a completely different approach to what most people do,” said Tuchsher. “I give skin analysis to help clients achieve better health.” day-spa2.jpg
Designed by former skincare scientist and biochemist Michael Tick, ESAT tests various points of the body, using more than 25 natural products. Then, using a lamp, Tuchsher is able to view signs of possible problems in and underneath the multiple layers of skin.
“The process involves the use of all-natural active ingredients like botanicals and herbs mixed with scientifically researched, penetrating protocols and formulated into creams, lotions, gels, serums, bath and body wraps,” she said. “When applied topically to designated areas of the skin, these protocols are absorbed by the skin and penetrate into the problem areas, causing a repair to be initiated.”
A process that goes beyond the massage table, Tuchsher gives clients a protocol to follow at home using various all-natural remedies including, changes in diet and exercise, external skin care products and “Tinktures,” oral supplements of herbs and botanicals that correct internal conditions on the face. According to Tuchsher, Edimi products are the first in the U.S. to use transdermal infusion, a method using the human skin as a transport system to deliver vitamins, minerals, hormones and, of course, skin care to correct skin conditions and improve internal health.
“Resplendent is moving forward as the future center for the art of healthy aging,” said Tuchsher. “No shots, no chemicals, no Botox. Nothing except Mother Nature, botanicals and herbs.”
Though she does state that Resplendent and ESAT are not substitutes for standard health care, Tuchsher does recommend that everyone take time to do “a little maintenance on the body’s largest organ,” the skin.
“The skin never lies; and if your skin looks bad, you probably feel bad.” Tuchsher said. “The skin needs to be nourished daily with water, a healthy diet and exercise along with a regular home skin care program. When we treat the skin and it improves, so will the overall health of the body.”
Resplendent Day Spa is located at 2801 East Spring Street, Suite 120, in Long Beach and is open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.
For more information, call (562) 685-8120 or visit

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Resplendent Day Spa puts the “care” in skin care