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O…what a relief it is?

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Long Beach voters have a chance to save the City money and expand democracy this Nov. 6 by voting “yes” on Measure O. I am proud to express my strong support for this measure, which would consolidate our local city elections with the State. Instead of voting three times in an election year, we will only have to vote twice with Measure O.
More than 350 California cities have consolidated their elections this way, leaving Long Beach one of a handful of other cities with this outdated voting system.
In the long term, Measure O will save us money, as it has for hundreds of cities up and down the state. Measure O also will not go into effect until 2014, which gives our school district and community college district plenty of time to move their elections to the new June and November schedule as well.
Our electoral process system in Long Beach is broken. Some councilmembers are elected with as few 1,000 votes. The reason for this is that Long Beach holds separate elections in April, June, and November instead of June and November like the rest of California.
Voting three times in an election year is expensive, time-consuming, and can lead to election fatigue. A “yes” vote on Measure O will increase voter turnout, reduce voter fatigue, and save money. Measure O is simple, good government, and that’s why it has been endorsed by California Common Cause, one of the state’s most prestigious non-partisan clean-election organizations.
I invite you to join the 30,000 Long Beach residents that have already pledged support for the common sense and economic savings of Measure O.

Vice Mayor Robert Garcia
Long Beach

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O…what a relief it is?