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Easy as 3.141592653589!

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pi-day-at-cabrillo.jpgJuan Rodriquez Cabrillo High School in Long Beach joined thousands of other campuses across America for “Pi-Day” last Friday. The national event promoted math literacy by celebrating one of mathematics’ most intriguing and storied numbers–pi.
March 14 is commonly observed as “Pi Day” since its numeric expression, 3-14, equals pi’s estimated value of 3.14.
“If we can have a pep rally for sports, why not a pep rally for math?” said instructor Kenneth Fisher, faculty advisor to the Cabrillo Math Club.
Every math student ranging from grades 9 to 12 received a “Pi-Day Passport” to Math Land, the area of campus where all the math classrooms are clustered. Students could then get their passports stamped at various educational stations.
Activities at the event included: a “pi bee” to see which students could recite the most digits of pi from memory; an integer test; online pi search of number strings in the first 200 million digits of pi; a pie eating contest and other educational activities.
The school even painted the first nine digits of pi on a Math Land balcony, with plans to add to the number each March 14 in the future.
Academic and other pi information has been provided to Cabrillo by www, a free Web site sponsored by the University of Phoenix. The Web site includes pi facts, pi history, pi word problems and puzzles, a pi bibliography and other information.

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Easy as 3.141592653589!