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Letter to the Editor: Muddy waters

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How dirty can dirty politics get? If you ever wondered the answer to this question, all you need to do is look at the “hit piece” most of us got in the mail last week. This ludicrious and possibly libelous piece of dirt was aimed at the three incumbents running for re-election to the [Signal Hill] city council. It seems that it maliciously accuses them of corruption and incompetence ad nauseam and makes a totally ridiculous and insulting comparison of Signal Hill to Bell and Vernon. It was sent out by a fake, mud-throwing group called “Coalition for Clean Affordable Water” with absolutely no tranparency as to who they are.
I am both sad and incensed to see this kind of political pollution being used in our election. I hope the good people of Signal Hill will see this piece of trash for what it is and put it where it belongs— in the garbage can.

Carole Yochum
Signal Hill

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Letter to the Editor: Muddy waters