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Letter to the Editor: A not-so ’roundabout’ letter

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Why is Councilmember James Johnson so adamant that a bicycle path must go through the Los Cerritos neighborhood and absolutely has to include two “roundabouts” and a new traffic signal at Wardlow Road and Pacific Avenue?
He says surveys taken by the City [of Long Beach] show that most people favor all of these so-called “traffic-calming devices.” Really? I sure can’t find these people.
I’m not implying that I don’t trust the City to conduct an honest survey. I’m right out stating it. I’ve participated in a number of Long Beach’s surveys over the last 20 years and can’t remember a single one where the claimed results didn’t leave out votes or statements by some of those opposed to the City’s then-current plan.
It appears that most Los Cerritos residents don’t really care one way or the other about having painted bicycle paths on the pavement. They do, however, think it’s a waste of money since Los Cerritos is already a very safe neighborhood for bicycle riding.
The proposed roundabouts, though, are ugly and will take away much-needed parking spaces. And the new traffic signal will actually encourage cut-through traffic on Pacific Avenue north of Wardlow. It will also extend the already blocks-long buildup of cars that often occurs because there are just too many trains and automobiles for an at-grade crossing to function effectively.
Don’t take my word for this. Come to this area sometime during the evening rush hours. You may add a little to the traffic jam, but you’ll also see how absurd this plan is— that it will further congest Wardlow Road and put unnecessary traffic-calming devices on Pacific Avenue.

Richard Gutmann
Long Beach

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Letter to the Editor: A not-so ’roundabout’ letter