It’s just birth…in reverse

Kenneth McKenzie

I was driving around a couple of weekends ago, doing my normal thing: yard sales and estate sales. I watch like a hawk for signs written on florescent-green paper or hand-written cardboard signs steering people toward unfound treasures.
While driving, I saw a sign way up in the distance. The sign looked so large, and it was placed directly onto this person’s front lawn. I thought, “Yeah, the mega load.”
As I got closer I was able to read the sign: “Welcome, Baby Boy Austin! 9 lbs 7oz Saturday April 20th 2013.” I was a bit disappointed, yet at the same time smiled at this family’s wonderful news which they were so proud to share with everyone.
Last night I had a death call at a residence. A man had died at his home— the same home that he and his wife of 62 years had bought new when he was discharged from the military. The man had made his own decision to come home from the hospital to be able to die in the home he loved. The person who was reporting the death to me asked me if we show up at homes in a hearse. I explained that we use a clean, white, unmarked van. I was then instructed to drive around to the alley and to remove the deceased man through the garage area. I politely asked what concern the family may have so I may help. The answer was that the family did not want anyone to know that he had died. I told them I understood and made the removal discreetly, as the family had requested.
Why is it when a baby is born or about to be born we throw parties, we give gifts, we put signs in our front lawns? Yet, when that same baby lives his life long and proud and finally succumbs to his natural death, we are quick to hide the passing. Death is just birth in reverse.