New board game Funagle lets your dog play too

The specialty company Darf is putting a new spin on playing with your dog. Funagle is a new board game for people and their dogs to enjoy together.
Now people can play games with their dogs while having fun with their friends and family. With Funagle, people match wits with opponents to see who is best at getting their dog to complete fun activities like the Moonwalk, The Wave and the Hollywood Kiss.
Funagle is a totally different way to play with a dog, or dogs, and friends and family. Players have one minute to “funagle” their dog into performing tasks on the game board’s tags. Players can use their voices, treats and gestures to get their dog to complete the activity and earn the tag. Those who collect the most tags win the game.
People are amazed at what their dogs can do with a little encouragement, instruction and some treats. Dogs become more self-confident, pay more attention and learn new tricks.
“Funagle is a new board game people play with friends, family and their dogs. It’s entertaining to watch players funagling their dogs to do fun activities!” says Denise Rothman, Darf president.
Funagle can be played by two to four people and one to four dogs. The game comes with a board, 50 tags, a die, four bone-shaped carabiners (to hold the tags) and a sand timer. The game is available at select dog boutiques, pet stores, doggy day cares, game stores, gift stores and at from the company’s Web site at