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City of LB, Port install ‘Great Wall of Mulch’ to absorb freeway’s air pollution

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Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster and 7th District Councilmember James Johnson on Aug. 6 topped off a 600-foot-long “Great Wall of Mulch,” which is likely the only mulch wall in the United States, according to the City of Long Beach. The wall, which is on the western edge of Hudson Park, 2335 Webster Ave., is 12 feet high and three feet wide, and it serves as an environmentally friendly buffer to reduce noise and eliminate the sight of trucks along the heavily traveled Terminal Island (103) Freeway, which is adjacent to Hudson Park.
“The Great Wall of Mulch demonstrates how the City of Long Beach continues to strive for more innovative and unique solutions for environmental issues, including reducing the level of noise from the freeway,” said Mayor Bob Foster.
The Port of Long Beach is providing funding for the $150,000 demonstration project, to test the effectiveness of the mulch wall, including whether it can absorb air pollution such as diesel particulates.
<strong>The 600-foot-long “Great Wall of Mulch

The 600-foot-long “Great Wall of Mulch

“Today, an injustice has ended,” Johnson said on Aug. 6. “The people of west Long Beach finally have an innovative ‘green wall’along Hudson Park that will block the noise from the freeway, eliminate the visual blight, and improve air quality with trees and other plantings. I look forward to further improvements along the freeway as we protect the students, veterans, and residents who have lived next to this [freeway] without protection for far too long.”
According to the City of Long Beach, the City produces about 12,000 tons of mulch from tree trimming each year, and over the last four years has covered dozens of vacant lots with mulch to suppress the growth of weeds and reduce maintenance costs.

Source: City of LB

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City of LB, Port install ‘Great Wall of Mulch’ to absorb freeway’s air pollution