They’re 50, he’s 10!

CCEJ awards
Ten-year-old Jonas Corona accepts the 2013 Human Dignity Award from Teresa Gomez, coordinator for the City of Long Beach’s Human Dignity Program, during the California Conference for Equality and Justice’s (CCEJ) 50th Annual Dinner & Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award Celebration on Oct. 17 at the Grand Event Center in Long Beach. Jonas was awarded the honor for founding Love In The Mirror, a local nonprofit organization that he created to benefit the homeless. Honorees of the Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award were: LaVerne Duncan, coordinator for the African-American Convening Committee; Roberta Lanterman, director of the Long Beach Family Literacy Program for the Long Beach Unified School District; and Candace Meehan, program director for Jordan High School. Awarded the CCEJ Anthony B. Rogers “Volunteer of the Year” were Zaq Tinker and Karina Fing. The Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award recognizes people for significant contributions to improving human relations at a grassroots level in Long Beach. More than 20 past recipients of the Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award were present to celebrate CCEJ’s 50th anniversary.

Courtesy CCEJ