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Rental franchise aims to make it a Wheel Fun summer

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deuce-coupe.jpgBy Heather Posey
Production Manage

While the summer season may be halfway over, the California sunshine isn’t going anywhere. While most tend to stay indoors to beat the heat, Marketing Manager Angela Daughtery of Wheel Fun Rentals states that there’s a different way to stay cool and get some fresh air.

What recreational items do you carry?
Wheel Fun Rentals delivers a menu of strictly 21st century specialty cycles that satisfy the whims of even the most amused-challenged among us. Slingshots, Deuce Coupes, Quad Sports, Choppers, and Surreys are all standard fare at our Shoreline Village location.
We rent pedal-powered recreational cycles including Multi-passenger Surreys, Quad Sport go-carts, Choppers and Deuce Coupes, side-by-side tandems, plus bikes, scooters and more. Free helmets and safety equipment are also available with every rental.
What are the Deuce Coupe, Quad Sport, The Chopper and Surreys?
The Deuce Coupe is a two-seater and both people get to pedal. Adults or children can sit and pedal and there’s a jump seat in the back to carry kids 6 years and younger.
The Quad Sport is a four-wheel ride down the memory lane of Go-carts. Formula one steering lets the single rider turn on a dime.
The Chopper is a single seater designed for laid back cruising and sightseeing. The handlebars and seat are designed for comfort, just like a motorcycle chopper.
And the Surreys are family four-wheeled cycle seats from three to nine adults (up to six get to pedal) plus two children. It has rack-and-pinion steering, drum brakes, and multiple independent chain drive pedaling systems.
Why do you think people like these special cycles so much?
Wheel Fun appeals to both locals and vacationing families as an amusement diversion and is usually an impulse buy. “Families will be walking down the boardwalk, through the village, or along the beach and see our Surreys and one of the kids will pull the parents in and say, ‘Hey we’ve got to try this,'” said Wheel Fun president Al Stonehouse. It also invites involvement in the activity instead of just having an external distraction that is offered by so many amusement venues.
Our fleet of unique vehicles provide unparalleled outdoor recreation for sight seeing, people watching and a touch of exercise that will enhance any leisure time experience.
What demographic seems to give you the most business?
Wheel Fun appeals to vacationing families and is a favorite among locals as well. Families are the largest customer group, though we do quite a lot of business with couples, especially in the evenings. Teens and “Tweens” especially like our Quad Sports and Choppers.
Have you seen a drop in sales or rentals as the increase of technology-based activities such as video games and/or television has many people staying indoors these days?
No, we have really seen the opposite. There is awareness among the population that physical exercise is a necessary thing. We make it easy and convenient by offering an activity a whole group can participate in.
What about the Long Beach store at Shoreline Village?
Our Long Beach location opened in 2000. Our unique bikes offer people the perfect way to explore the area around Shoreline Village and the marina and beach bike paths. We enjoy offering recreation to the patrons and visitors of Shoreline Village. Between 20 percent and 25 percent of our customers are repeat customers.

Wheel Fun Rentals — Shoreline Village is located at 419 Shoreline Village Drive in Long Beach. For more information, call (562) 951-3857 or visit

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Rental franchise aims to make it a Wheel Fun summer