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Apparent death threat posted at Mathews’ headquarters

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An apparent death threat was posted on the door of Peter Mathews’ campaign headquarters last week. Mathews is a write-in candidate running against incumbent and fellow Democrat Laura Richardson for the United States Congress 37th District office.
The threat appeared in the form of a picture of Mathews in the crosshairs of a riflescope. The photograph was cut out of a Mathews campaign flyer that had been distributed a few days earlier.
“Three of us were walking out of the office at about nine o’clock Wednesday night,” Mathews said. “One of my associates noticed it first and brought it to our attention.” He explained that they called the police immediately and a few minutes later officers arrived to take a report and initiate the investigation.
Campaign worker Nathan Israel, who was with Mathews when the picture was discovered said the riflescope circle was perfectly drawn and whoever produced it had included two bullet holes in the drawing.mathews-target.jpg
Campaign field worker Sonny Kahn, who was also there at the time of discovery, said, “It was stuck on the outside of the door but we did not see any people in the immediate area.”
“We think that someone just walked by, stuck it on the door and quickly left,” said Eddie Rosales, Mathews’ campaign manager. “There were people in the office when it happened, but nobody noticed when it was happening.”
Rosales explained that the flyer with Mathews’ picture had only been distributed at three events: the Long Beach Democratic Club Party at Recreation Park, an NAACP event in Carson, and another event in Compton. All of those events took place on September 13, and a total of 300 flyers were distributed— most of them in Long Beach.
“It had to have come from someone who attended the Democratic party in Recreation Park,” Rosales said. “I don’t think someone would have traveled from Carson or Compton to do this thing.” He added that Mathews was not allowed to speak at the Recreation Park event.
Rosales said that the Long Beach Police Department was conducting an investigation into the matter. “This is a serious event,” he said. “You just don’t threaten somebody like this who is running for office.”
“The Office of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have also been notified by the police department,” Mathews added. “Threats against political candidates have to be taken very seriously.”
As of press time, the LBPD had not issued a statement concerning the investigation, but a police spokesperson said one would probably be issued in the next few days.
“We are not deterred, frightened or intimidated by this death threat,” Mathews said. “We will continue to run this race because right now America is in a crisis and we need to have leaders who people can trust and who are capable of making decisions that will bring us out of this economic slump.”
Three other candidates are running against Richardson in the November 4 election. They are Nick Dibs (the only other candidate whose name will appear on the ballot), and two other write-in candidates, former Wrigley Bulletin publisher Lee Davis, and Carson resident and educator June Pouesi.

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Apparent death threat posted at Mathews’ headquarters