Turtles, pigs, and more turtles

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Turtles, pigs, and more turtles

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“Doodle Hotel Des Arts,

San Francisco-area artist Wayne Chan, who is currently showing at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery in Santa Monica, draws turtles. And lots of them.



But don’t take my word for it; the evidence is on his Instagram (@turtlewayne), which features scores and scores of turtle drawings, as well as depictions (including GIFs) of other anthropomorphized creatures. The artworks are simplistic and straightforward, especially compared to the more elaborate pieces Chan creates for those who commission his work. Having earned a bachelor’s of art degree from UC Davis and a master’s of art degree from California State University, East Bay, the 36-year-old Hayward, California native now does commissions and projects for various clients and companies.

Where did the idea for turtles come from, and why are they included in the majority (if not all) of your work?
I like drawing. I like turtles. I draw turtles.

How many turtle pieces have you created?
Close to 2000 different turtle drawings now.

Have you ever created one that stirred any controversy?
Turtle Tit, Turtle, Chick-fil-A, Turtle Hitler and when I drew other things besides turtles, like rabbits, elephants, thugs, poop and nothing.

Do you have a personal favorite?
1. Turtle Bacon (first one I posted on Instagram) 2. Turtle Herpes (So gross yet so cute) 3. Turtle Personal Favorite (haven’t made it yet, but it will be a personal favorite)

How much time do you spend working on art?
Seventy-five percent of time.

From left to right: “Turtle Tit,” “Turtle Chick-Fil-A” and “Turtle Hitler,” ink color markers on paper