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Give jiggle the boot with adventure camp

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year! Holiday parties! Christmas cookies! One, two, three glasses of bubbly! “It’s the season to be jolly” and overindulge.
But that doesn’t mean it has to be the season to increase the jiggle. You know, when those holiday parties and foods creep onto your waistline and expand your bottom line. While “everything in moderation” is the best way to avoid holiday gains, a daily work out earns you a bit of leeway in the caloric indulgence that sticks with you long after the parties are over.

Fortunately, there is a fun and effective way to melt away the extra pounds that insist on welcoming in the new year with you. All you have to do is sign up for Long Beach Adventure Boot Camp, show up to class on time and do what they tell you to do. If you are like the 200 other Long Beach residents currently enrolled in boot camp classes, you might even enjoy it and see real results.
Long Beach Adventure Boot Camp is a one-hour outdoor workout program, offered in six-week sessions, that combines core conditioning, short distance running (less than one mile), muscular strength and circuit training. Whether running bleachers at Wilson High School, enduring a circuit of push-ups and “booty” camp (yes, that booty) exercises, or conquering sprints on Signal Hill, an hour of your time is well spent in pursuit of your fitness goals.
Shannon Paul, who has a BS in kinesiology, is National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Apex certified and a specialist in Titus Motion Therapy (an exercise therapy designed to eliminate chronic aches and pains). She started Long Beach Adventure Boot Camp in 2005 and has enjoyed a steady growth in the popularity of the camp over the last three years. Over the years, Paul has expanded the number of classes offered in response to demand. She runs the program with coach Carolyn Fiegen, who shares Paul’s passion– and campy sense of humor– for helping campers reach their fitness goals.
“What I love about Adventure Boot Camp is the excitement and variety of the workouts and the camaraderie of the campers,” said Paul. “Long Beach Adventure Boot Camp will give you a jumpstart to your fitness plan in a fun and supportive environment. You don’t have to worry about getting bored with the monotony of a routine because every day at camp is different.”
Boot camp is a place where women and men from all walks of life come together for one hour in the morning or evening to make a difference in their lives. Boot campers challenge themselves physically and mentally to get through the work out. Whatever your goals are, the beauty of boot camp is that you have the guidance of a trainer as well as the support (and the motivating pressure!) of a group of your peers. You might feel like quitting in the middle of an exercise, but when you look around and see that everyone else is still working hard, you get back to work.
In order to measure how effective a boot camp session can be toward achieving weight loss goals, this past year Paul and Fiegen incorporated a weight loss challenge into several of the scheduled sessions. Over the course of six weight loss challenges, boot campers shed nearly 2,000 pounds. That’s the equivalent of ten 200-pound men or women! In the Biggest Loser-style competition, individuals with the greatest percentage of pounds lost were the winners.
Whether your goal is to shed weight, increase your cardiovascular conditioning and muscular strength, or simply give yourself the gift of an hour that is focused solely on your well being, Long Beach Adventure Boot Camp is there for you. And don’t let the fact that it is called boot camp scare you. There is no yelling of commands or breathing down your neck to psych you into working hard. Just a bit of friendly cajoling and peer pressure to encourage you to push a bit harder than you might if left to your own whims.
Just in time for holiday recovery and a fresh start to the new year, the next session begins January 5. Classes, which are held at Wilson High School or Recreation Park, are offered daily at 5:30am, 9am, 3:30pm (a special teacher’s edition, held at Marshall Elementary School), 5:30pm and 7pm.
If you don’t think you could manage the 5:30 am work out in the dark, cold mornings of January, think again. While you choose to snooze and lose in your warm bed, there are at least 70 boot campers out there completing their workouts. And you aren’t just losing out on the chance to get rid of those extra pounds hanging on to your middle, but the opportunity to jumpstart your day in a positive and healthy way.
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Give jiggle the boot with adventure camp