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Eye on Crime | April 21

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Crimes reported by Long Beach Police Department
Council districts 6, 7 & 8 (no arrest information supplied)

Thursday, April 13
Midnight Grand theft— motor vehicle
3300 block Pine Ave.

3am Child cruelty
4300 block Elm Ave.

3am Child cruelty
2000 block Chestnut Ave.

3am Residential burglary
1000 block E. Hill St.

11am Exhibiting firearm
W. Spring St./Pacific Ave.

3pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
W. 27th St./Pacific Ave.

4pm Battery
1900 block Chestnut Ave.

4pm Assault— not firearm
Atlantic Ave./E. PCH

6pm Spousal abuse
100 block W. PCH

8pm Two grand thefts— motor vehicles
4000 block Elm Ave.

9pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
300 block E. Carson St.

10pm Battery
1900 block Pine Ave.

10pm Robbery— person
4600 block Banner Dr.

10pm Residential burglary
3100 block Daisy Ave.

Friday, April 14
1am Auto burglary
E. PCH/Lemon Ave.

2am Spousal abuse
3200 block Long Beach Blvd.

4am Spousal abuse
2300 block Lime Ave.

1pm Grand theft— person
Cedar Ave./W. 27th St.

7pm Spousal abuse
21st St./Pasadena Ave.

11pm Battery
1900 block Cedar Ave.

Saturday, April 15
4am Grand theft— motor vehicle
Orange Ave./Smith Pl.

8am Grand theft— motor vehicle
3300 block Elm Ave.

Noon Grand theft— person
400 block E. 20th St.

2pm Residential burglary
200 block E. 31st St.

5pm Battery
100 block E. 49th St.

6pm Spousal abuse
500 block E. 20th St.

11pm Robbery— person
Lemon Ave./E. 19th St.

Sunday, April 16
9am Assault— not firearm
E. Hill St./Long Beach Blvd.

9am Auto burglary
2200 block MLK Jr. Ave.

10am Two rapes— mentally— disabled persons
1500 block E. PCH

11am Residential burglary
1100 block Salt Lake St.

2pm Spousal abuse
Los Angeles River/W. PCH

3pm Grand theft— property
300 block Dayman St.

8pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
1800 block Oregon Ave.

10pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
1900 block Golden Ave.

Monday, April 17
1am Residential burglary
4800 block Brook Ave.

1am Grand theft— motor vehicle
Locust Ave./Del Amo Blvd.

2am Exhibiting firearm
Long Beach Blvd./E. PCH

2am Auto burglary
E. 25th St./Atlantic Ave.

6am Exhibiting deadly weapon—
not firearm
3700 block Cherry Ave.

9am Grand theft— motor vehicle
4300 block Long Beach Blvd.

7pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
100 block E. PCH

8pm Battery
2100 block Earl Ave.

Tuesday, April 18
8am Spousal abuse
2000 block Olive Ave.

10am Battery
1100 block E. San Antonio Dr.

1pm Residential burglary
900 block San Antonio Dr.

3pm Spousal abuse
900 block E. Hill St.

5pm Child cruelty
2000 block Locust Ave.

7pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
1900 block Pine Ave.

8pm Child cruelty
1900 block Locust Ave.

9pm Battery
100 block E. Hill St.

Wednesday, April19
1am Grand theft— motor vehicle
3000 block Chestnut Ave.

10am Battery
2700 block Pacific Ave.

3pm Robbery— commercial
2400 block Long Beach Blvd.

3pm Robbery— commercial
1800 block Atlantic Ave.

Crimes reported by Signal Hill Police Department

Thursday, April 13
3:12pm Identity theft
2300 block E. 19th St.

Friday, April 14
9:13am Identity theft
1800 block Junipero Ave.

1:35pm Auto burglary
2000 block Freeman Ave.

2pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
California Ave./E. 28th St.
(suspect arrested)

7:26pm Assault and battery
3300 block Gundry Ave.
(suspect arrested)

9:58pm Grand theft— motor vehicle
2700 block E. PCH

Saturday, April 15
10am Three misdemeanor warrants
Cherry Ave./E. Hill St.
(suspect arrested)

11:10am Identity theft
1900 block Stanley Ave.

6:56pm Petty theft,
resist police officer,
felony warrant,
misdemeanor warrant.
900 block E. 33rd St.
(suspect arrested)

Sunday, April 16
12:59pm Stolen vehicle recovered
3200 block Industry Dr.

8pm Auto burglary
2200 block Walnut Ave.

Monday, April 17
Midnight Possess paraphernalia,
possess controlled substance,
drive w/o license.
E. PCH/Sherman Pl.
(suspect arrested)

5:42am Auto burglary
2200 block Walnut Ave.

8pm Possess narcotics,
driving with suspended license,
possess tear gas weapon.
2700 block Cherry Ave.
(suspect arrested)

9pm Auto burglary
1800 block Temple Ave.

Tuesday, April 18
8:45am Auto burglary
1800 block Temple Ave.

1:03pm Auto burglary
2700 block Cherry Ave.

5:48pm Vandalism
Cherry Ave./E. 21st St.
(suspect arrested)

Wednesday, April 19
9:29am Identity theft
1600 block E. Spring St.

9:53am Identity theft
1000 block E. 32nd St.

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Eye on Crime | April 21