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LBPD provides holiday safety tips for residents

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With holiday shopping underway, the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) is reminding residents to report suspicious activity immediately by calling 9-1-1 and to practice the following safety tips, which may prevent locals from becoming a victim:

While shopping:
Place all gifts and packages in the trunk or out of sight
Be aware of surroundings at all times and walk with confidence
Park in well lighted areas
Avoid shopping alone; there is safety in numbers
Use credit or debit cards for purchases to avoid carrying large amounts of cash
Keep car doors locked and windows closed
Carry purses or bags close to the body
Have car keys in hand prior to arriving to a vehicle
Report suspicious persons or packages to on-site security or police

Suggestions in and around your home:
Keep gifts in areas that cannot be seen from doorways or windows
Install exterior motion-sensor lighting
Keep bushes and shrubbery trimmed to eliminate places for thieves to hide
Postpone mail and newspaper deliveries while traveling
Do not store gifts in vehicles or unsecured areas

Suggestions for business operators:
Lock unused doors (in compliance with fire codes)
Keep only necessary cash in the register
Vary the schedule and route of bank deposits each day
Make sure the register is clearly visible to passers-by
Advertise security-alarm systems with signs in visible locations
Invest in video-surveillance cameras and ensure they are operational at all times and have facial-capture capabilities
Develop a mutual-aid system among stores on the block or nearby and keep an eye on one another

For additional crime-prevention information, visit

Source: LBPD

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LBPD provides holiday safety tips for residents