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Dissent over Rent

I recently read the review entitled “In defending rights of the less fortunate, Rent elicits some mixed feelings” by Vicki Goodman and felt compelled to write to you about how it made me feel.
The last sentence of the second paragraph states, “Paying the rent is the least of their woes as they deal with drugs, sex, homosexuality and the inevitable HIV positive status that their lifestyle promotes.”
I personally do not feel that this was simply what the author felt the play conveyed. I feel this is how she must truly feel about gay people and people who are less fortunate. Ms. Goodman obviously has no grasp or education pertaining to HIV and AIDS.
As a sister to a man who is gay I am highly offended; however, I strongly suspect sisters and brothers of straight people could find this article equally insulting.
I’m seriously considering forwarding this review to GLAAD, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and any other gay and lesbian activist group I can find.
I’m confident that my thoughts about what Vicki Goodman wrote will be shared.
Perhaps writing and printing an apology to the gay and lesbian community in your next publication would be in your best interest. Just food for thought.

Brandy Perera
[email protected]

With a “Twist”

I have lived in Ridgewood Heights for almost 30 years and feel that the City of Long Beach has neglected our area for most of this time. I have become a little more hopeful in the last few years when credible businesses like Trader Joe’s and Jamba Juice opened up here. I loved the plantings on the Atlantic Avenue median and the changes made on California, north of San Antonio. However, I feel the “Orange Twist” sculpture just installed on Atlantic Avenue does not complement the “style” of our area or the “improvements” already implemented. I am very disappointed with the direction this sculpture has taken the look of Atlantic Avenue. I just don’t see how it enhances the rest of the surroundings. It seems to stand out like a “sore thumb.” This sculpture has its place, just not here.

Linda Carr
Long Beach

Personally, I think the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency needs some new leadership. The “Orange Twist” recently installed on Atlantic Avenue was a waste of money when there are many other more practical things this agency could be doing to clear blight in our business areas around Long Beach. What could they have been thinking?
The City Council does not have control over how RDA spends their money, but someone who is fiscally responsible should have control. How much will the big X made from cargo containers cost? Who will benefit from that? It won’t be the residents of Long Beach, I’m sure.

Becky Carroll
Long Beach

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