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Thoughts from the Publisher | April 13, 2018

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Those of us who spend a lot of time on our computers are constantly being bombarded with email that is unwanted. Although some of it goes straight to our spam folders, much of it does not. On the other hand, some email that we want to receive is for some reason automatically sent to our spam folders.

Sorting through all the dozens and dozens of daily messages is so ridiculously time-consuming, and although I “unsubscribe” to a lot of the unwanted emails that I receive, the cycle continues.

One category of messages that I receive fall under what I consider to be not only spam, but out-and-out con games. I feel blessed that I inherited my father’s skepticism gene. So far, I haven’t fallen prey to any of these online schemes, although some of my acquaintances have.

Below I have copied and pasted portions of three scam-like emails that I received yesterday as samples of messages that our readers need to delete the minute they appear. I hope this column helps even one of you from getting involved in a situation that truly is too good to be true.

Greeting to you I am Miss Olivier Ibrahim Mikel 20 years old Girl, from Abidjan, but live and study here in Estonia. I saw your profile and decided to email you with hope and believe that you will accept me. My late father is a wealthy international businessman, he deals on Gold, Cocoa Timber export, I am the only daughter of my parents, I lost my mother when I was 6 years old, my father is all i have until he was poisoned by his brothers due to his wealth, after the burial of my late father, life became hell to me because his brothers (my Uncles) claimed all my father’s wealth and belongings as the tradition demands, according to traditional of the land, if a man died without a son, even if the man have ten daughters all his wealth belong to his brothers. Before he was dead he deposed US$5,500,000.00 Five million, five hundred thousand United States Dollars in bank I will like you to assist me so that the fund will transfer in your country

Dear Friend,
We deal on gold business and we can supply as much you want if you can comply with our procedure, I want to you to get back to me as much as for more details and tell us how many kg do you want to buy from us.
Thank You.
Madam Awa Maiga

[This one came in written in Spanish, I had it translated into English word for word by Google Translate]

Good Morning,
We come to offer you a database of Spanish companies and professionals in which you will find contact details of owners and managers of companies.
The database contains data from more than one million Spanish companies. These are data such as: name of the company, registered office, province, contact of the owner or manager, email address, telephone, fax, website, sector, etc.
Access to this database will allow them to send their offer to more than one million companies and professionals – their new clients.
In case you acquire access to the database now, we offer you completely free tools to prepare an efficient advertising campaign.
Pablo Serrano

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Thoughts from the Publisher | April 13, 2018