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It is evident that the New York ASPCA [American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] is aggressively targeting Los Angeles residents for funds. Maybe you have seen the multitude of ASPCA print and web advertisements running in the local media. There are many who mistakenly believe that ASPCA is an umbrella organization that channels funds to SPCAs across the country. This has never been the case and SPCAs all over the United States have to work constantly to make this clear.
This a matter of survival. Without funds, spcaLA and other SPCAs would not be able to serve the communities which they represent. The recent series of television commercials focusing on shelter animals is particularly successful in diverting funds from your spcaLA and other SPCAs in the surrounding area.
Such national advertising can be misleading to the donors who often generously give under the impression that the funds will return to their home state or community, as is the case for many national charity models. But again, there is no national SPCA that distributes donations. Sadly, local animals are simply deprived of these funds.
Starting this week on Los Angeles’ local CBS affiliate, ASPCA, with Subaru Car Corporation, is sponsoring “Pet Segments” that will run every Friday morning for six months. My concern is simple: will Los Angeles viewers and animal lovers know the difference between ASPCA and spcaLA? Will they realize where their donations are going and which organization serves the Los Angeles area?
I have no concern with those who are informed and choose to send their donations to New York City. In fact, I am always pleased when people support the welfare of animals. However, I am concerned about those who send donations to New York believing those funds will come to your spcaLA.
We need your help to spread the word! Forward this [letter] to all your friends, family, colleagues, email lists, groups, etc. Let’s educate our community on the difference between ASPCA and spcaLA and which organization serves the people and animals in need in Southern California. Education is key!

Madeline Bernstein
President, spcaLA

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Know where your donations are going