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Scrabble lovers make a dynamic duo for upcoming concert

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What do a love of music and the board game Scrabble have to do with the upcoming “Dressed in Black” concert? Apparently everything, according to singers Meredith Kennedy and Nancy Pfeffer. Both are members of the Long Beach Camerata Singers, a 60-member community choir, in which Kennedy sings soprano and Pfeffer sings alto. Vocally they complement each other, with Kennedy usually singing melody and Pfeffer’s contralto providing her own unique harmonization.
“Meredith loves to play Scrabble and had sent out an email to her fellow choir members wondering if anyone wanted to meet before rehearsals for food and a few games,” Pfeffer said. “I responded with a ‘yes,’ and a friendship was born.”
“We started with Scrabble and then moved on to our love of music and started singing together outside of the choir,” adds Kennedy. “What started out as rehearsing and just the joy of singing has turned into a CD and now a concert.”
The two at first may seem to be an odd pairing. Kennedy lives in multiple locations, has several jobs and careers, and is single; Pfeffer lives in Long Beach with her husband and has one “regular” job.
“I tend to keep a little busy,” Kennedy said. “One of my friends calls my life the ‘Meredithlogue’ as in ‘travelogue,’ since I’m always traveling, and I tend to have a dozen projects going on at once. Thank heavens Nancy’s strong hold on normalcy keeps me focused.”
“It’s true,” Pfeffer confirms. “When the idea for a CD and a concert first came up, Meredith was in Africa teaching.” The concert “Dressed in Black” is the result of months of planning, rehearsing, recording, and laughing. The CD will be available for purchase at the concert as well and will also be available on
“We’re having a great time,” Kennedy said. “We have wonderful instrumentalists accompanying us, as well as an eight-member choir. The concert includes some of our favorite music from classical to original compositions, to movie tunes and love songs. Two songs are world premieres by composer David Avshalomov, with lyrics I wrote while sitting in an airport in Egypt. We’re also singing an Elvish song from Lord of the Rings, arranged for duet, choir and strings, and the addition of the harp gives the whole thing a delightfully other-world quality. Add in a little humor, a pink cowboy hat, some photo montages, and it will be a night of music and laughter.”
The concert will also benefit two local charities: Exotic Feline Breeding Compound’s Feline Conservation Center, also known as the “Cat House” in Rosamond; and The Friends of Long Beach Animals.
Kennedy and Pfeffer will perform “Dressed in Black” Saturday, June 6 at 8pm at Bayshore Community Church, 5100 The Toledo.
For tickets, visit or call (323) 960-7719.

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Scrabble lovers make a dynamic duo for upcoming concert