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Thoughts from the Publisher | Oct. 19, 2018

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Over the years, I have written column after column regarding different types of scams that I have been approached with, or those that my pals have either experienced or are aware of.

Just a few days ago, I discovered an email message in my spam folder that was/is basically an extortion attempt. My first reaction was to delete it. Thinking further about the matter, I decided to share the absurd proposition to you, our loyal readers.

I have asked our editor not to correct the atrocious spelling or grammatical errors within the email so you folks can get the full impact of the message.

Do excuse the vulgarity of the information below. I share it with you only because I want to protect and warn as many people as possible. I apologize in advance if any of you folks are offended.

I? kno?w ss4neen i?s yo?ur pa?ss wo?rds. L?ets g?et dir?ectly to? th?e poi?nt. No o?ne ha?s pa?i?d m?e to? i?nv?estigat?e a?bout yo?u. Yo?u ma?y no?t know me a?nd yo?u ar?e mo?st li?k?ely thi?nki?ng why yo?u’r?e g?etti?ng this e ma?i?l?
W?ell, i actually plac?ed a ma?lwa?r?e on the xxx vids (porn) si?te and th?ere’s mo?re, you vi?si?t?ed thi?s w?eb si?te to? ?exp?eri?enc?e fun (yo?u kno?w wha?t i? m?ea?n). Whi?l?e yo?u w?ere vi??ewing vi?d?eo?s, yo?ur w?eb bro?ws?er start?ed out o?p?era?ti?ng a?s a R?emo?t?e Desktop wi?th a keylo?gg?er whi?ch pro?vi?d?ed m?e wi?th a?cc?ess to? your scr?e?en a?nd w?eb cam. Just aft?er tha?t, my softwar?e ga?th?er?ed ?ev?ery o?ne of yo?ur contacts from yo?ur Messeng?er, FB, and e-ma?ila?cco?unt. aI have ?ft?er tha?t i? cr?ea?t?ed a? do?ubl?e vi?d?eo?. First pa?rt di?spla?ys th?e vi?d?eo? yo?u wer?e vi??ewi?ng (yo?u’ve go?t a fi?n?e ta?st?e omg), and 2nd pa?rt di?spla?ys th?e vi??ew o?f yo?ur webcam, y?ea? i?ts yo?u.
Yo?u do ha?v?e 2 opti?o?ns. L?et us ?explo?re the po?ssibi?liti?es in pa?rti?cula?rs:
V?ery fi?rst opti?o?n is to? di?smi?ss thi?s m?essa?ge. i?n thi?s si?tuati?o?n, i? mo?st certa?inly will s?end o?ut yo?ur v?ery o?wn vi?d?eo? cli?p to? ?ea?ch on?e o?f your p?erso?na?l co?nta?cts and th?en just thi?nk co?nc?erni?ng th?e humi?liati?o?n yo?u wi?ll d?efi?ni?t?ely g?et. i?n a?ddi?tio?n if yo?u happen to? be i?n a? lo?vi?ng r?ela?ti?o?nshi?p, ?exactly ho?w thi?s wi?ll aff?ect?
N?ext cho?i?c?e wi?ll b?e to? co?mp?ensa?t?e me 3000 USD. We ar?e goi?ng to? na?m?e it a?s a? do?na?tio?n. i?n this sc?ena?ri?o, i? mo?st c?ertainly wi?ll stra?ighta?wa?y ?elimi?nat?e yo?ur vi?d?eo?. Yo?u co?uld conti?nu?e on dai?ly li?fe li?ke this n?ev?er ha?pp?en?ed a?nd you wo?uld n?ever h?ea?r ba?ck a?ga?i?n from m?e.
Yo?u’ll ma?ke the pa?ym?ent by Bi?tcoi?n (i?f yo?u do? no?t know this, search ‘how to? buy bit?co?i?n’ i?n Goo?gle).
BTC? a?ddr?ess: 8ge4ZbIMANIDIOTAtFMYp1mxhPdxgTNQDr12345
[Ca?Se s?ensi?tiv?e, co?py & pa?st?e i?t]

{NOTE FROM NEENA: this is not the real number- I changed it for your safety}

if yo?u may b?e planning o?n go?i?ng to? th?e cop, v?ery well, thi?s ma?i?l ca?n no?t be tra?c?ed back to m?e. I? ha?ve co?v?ered my mo?v?es. i? a?m just no?t lo?o?ki?ng to? d?ema?nd a? huge a?mo?unt, i? si?mply wa?nt to? b?e co?mp?ensat?ed. Yo?u ha?v?e t?w?o da?ys i?n o?rder to? pay. i?’v?e a uni?qu?e pix?el i?n thi?s emai?l, a?nd at thi?s mo?m?ent i kno?w tha?t yo?u ha?v?e r?ead this ?ema?i?l. i?f i? do?n’t g?et the B?i?tC?oi?ns, i wi?ll d?efi?ni?t?ely send out yo?ur vi?d?eo reco?rding to? all o?f your co?nta?cts including r?ela?ti?v?es, coll?ea?gues, and so? o?n. Ha?vi?ng sai?d tha?t, if i do g?et pa?i?d, i?’ll ?era?s?e th?e r?eco?rdi?ng ri?ght a?wa?y. if yo?u rea?lly wa?nt ?evid?enc?e, r?eply wi?th Y?ea a?nd i? wi?ll c?erta?i?nly s?end out yo?ur vid?eo? to? yo?ur 10 co?ntacts. i?t i?s a? no?nn?egotia?bl?e o?ff?er a?nd so? do?n’t wa?ste my p?erso?na?l ti?m?e & yours by r?eplyi?ng to thi?s m?essa?ge.

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Thoughts from the Publisher | Oct. 19, 2018