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Photo illustration by Denny Cristales | Signal Tribune

The logo for the Signal Tribune podcast, “The Byline,” a place for writer-on-writer conversations.

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Need something to listen to? Or, have you caught on with podcasting’s rise in popularity over the past five years and love hearing a show on the drive to and from work?

Well, the Signal Tribune is proud to put its name in the proverbial hat of podcasting shows with the creation of “The Byline,” a show for writer-on-writer conversations.

“The Byline” is a podcast on iTunes and Spotify that gives writers of the Signal Tribune newspaper an opportunity to provide background information about the stories they write.

Although we’ve had our share of audio stories in the past, we decided to create an ongoing series of episodes that focuses on our writers. Public interest has always been prevalent when it comes to how journalists gather information about certain articles.

Moreover, some articles are so impactful or significant, they warrant their own behind-the-scenes stories.

As more episodes get published, we hope to transform the formula of our podcast. Perhaps beyond just having our writers, we’ll find a way to include our sources in said stories to be on our show to get different perspectives.

I got into journalism because of my interest in radio. Podcasting has proven itself to be an extension of that medium.

This year, I created a podcast network– “The Mr. Denny Podcast Network,” named after the way I identified myself as a kid. On said network, I host my own personal show, “The Mr. Denny Podcast,” and “The Byline.”

The goal is to have a multitude of podcasting shows in one place. “The Byline” is perhaps not only one of many shows that will be a part of the network, but also one of many Signal Tribune podcasts.

Below are descriptions of the three current episodes of “The Byline,” complete with QR codes to listen to them. Scan the images to access the episodes.
Search “Mr. Denny Podcast Network” on iTunes and Spotify to subscribe. And send an email to [email protected] for feedback and suggestions for our programming. Thank you for being a listener and avid reader of our community publication.

Capturing a global basketball career

NBA legend. College mentor. Overall great friend. These are the many descriptions attributed to Glenn McDonald.

The Signal Tribune’s production manager, Sebastian Echeverry, talks to the newspaper’s managing editor, Denny Cristales, about his Nov. 9 story about Glenn, who had his No. 10 jersey retired at Cal State Long Beach’s Walter Pyramid.

Denny’s story can be found at

Dealing with emotional stories

Sebastian Echeverry, production manager of the Signal Tribune newspaper, talks to Cory Bilicko, staff writer, about how he kept his emotions neutral while writing about Joseluis Cruz, Jr.

Cruz was shot and killed in Long Beach in 2012. His family donated his organs to four individuals, who now live on. Cruz’s memory will be honored in January during the 130th Rose Parade in Pasadena with a float.

Cory’s story can be found at

‘Is this your beach ball, Charlie Brown?’

These are the debut words of the iconic character Franklin, introduced to the Peanuts comic strip in 1968. Franklin’s debut proved to be a significant step in fiction, as he was one of the first African-American characters in pop culture during the Civil Rights Movement.

Denny Cristales, managing editor of the Signal Tribune, spoke to Sebastian Echeverry, production manager, about his Nov. 23 story featuring Harriet Glickman, who thought of the idea of Franklin.

Sebastian’s story can be found at