Port of LB announces closure of 9th Street rail crossing March 9

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The 9th Street railroad crossing near Pico Avenue in the harbor district in west Long Beach will be closed March 9, according to the Port of Long Beach Feb. 22.

Port officials state that the move will immediately improve rail operations and increase the speed of moving goods through the terminal.

As an operational closure, the port will allow certain oversize trucks with special permits to traverse the crossing at appointed times. Port, commuter and local traffic will be able to use other routes around the closed section of 9th Street, including most oversize and overweight cargo, as well. Most vehicles will have to use the 710 Freeway to bypass 9th Street, according to the Port of Long Beach.

Port officials also said the closure is necessary, as it enhances railroad operations and allows marine terminals to move more cargo by “on-dock rail” instead of by truck. The closure also improves efficiency in the port and air quality in the region, officials said.

The closure will allow for up to three additional on-dock trains to leave the port each week, and each on-dock train takes the place of up to 750 truck trips. Trains leaving the port will purportedly reach their destinations up to a day earlier.

Moreover, port officials said that the closure of 9th Street at-grade rail crossing will also improve traffic safety and flow at the nearby busy intersection of Pico Avenue, Pier B Street and the on- and off-ramps to and from the 710 Freeway.

The Harbor Department is coordinating safety procedures with police, fire and public-works departments.

Visit bit.ly/2Ns4TjR for full information about the closure, including a full map of alternative routes after the closure March 9.