LBT updates about beginning of year-round taxi service this month, new digital tools


A detailed map showing the routes and fares of the now year-round AquaLink and AquaBus from Long Beach Transit

Water taxis
Last week, Long Beach Transit (LBT) announced a year-round water taxi service that began Friday, March 8, to provide customers and visitors alternative ways to access the city.

“We are so pleased to launch year-round water taxi services […],” said Kenneth A. McDonald, LBT president and CEO. “Our popular AquaLink and AquaBus boats will be available weekends through Memorial Day– when we change to daily service– and we will continue cruising through the fall and winter.”

LBT’s water taxis will operate Friday through Sunday through Grand Prix weekend in mid-April– when there will be special service– and continue through Memorial Day, according to the company. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, water taxis will operate daily. After Labor Day, AquaLink and AquaBus will once again operate Friday through Sunday.

The cost of service will not change from 2018. AquaBus is $1 each way, and AquaLink costs $5 each way. Customers can pay cash or use LBT’s mobile app to buy tickets.

AquaLink carries up to 75 customers and will have direct service from Alamitos Bay Landing, 100 N. Marina Dr., to the Aquarium of the Pacific dock. AquaLink provides travel along the Long Beach coastline, making the one-way trip in about 25 minutes. Refreshments are available for purchase aboard AquaLink. AquaBus carries 35 customers and serves the Queen Mary, Hotel Maya, Aquarium of the Pacific dock and Shoreline Village.

“Our customers asked for more service, and we listened,” McDonald said. “LBT continues to connect communities with our buses and boats.”

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Digital tools
Long Beach Transit unveiled new digital tools, including a new website and mobile application, in an effort to help customers plan a trip, track a bus and buy fare on a smartphone device.

“LBT is committed to innovation and making it easier for customers and potential customers to use our buses and water taxis,” McDonald said. “With our new website and app, we’re giving the community tools to make getting around easier without worrying about parking or paying for gas.”

LBT’s updated website,, also includes live bus tracking for residents so they know when transportation will arrive.

“Our goal is to give customers plenty of options for taking transit,” McDonald said. “We know people want options, whether it is cash, a TAP card or fare on their phone.”

LBT’s mobile application can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.