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Letter: In appreciation of support

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For the last four months, I have had the honor and privilege of knocking on doors, speaking to residents and joining them in their living rooms to discuss our city’s future. This has been an extraordinary election, and I want to thank Tina Hansen and Keir Jones for joining me in this effort. I also want to thank my supporters, friends and neighbors for their trust in me. I would be [remiss] if I didn’t recognize my mother, Brenda Wilson, who continued to carry the water for this campaign since day one. We who have fought so hard have clipped a significant end into the door of opportunity. Let us show our dignity and love for Signal Hill by not giving up our principle, by not giving up our passion and by staying persistent in this cause. Let us also remember that each of us did our utmost best to usher in high purpose and partnership, not just for our campaign, but for our city. For its closeness reminds us that we are one people with a shared history and a shared destiny. And to those who have been with us throughout the campaign and who put their faith in me and my leadership, I want them to know that our best days have yet to begin. Thank you, and God bless you.

Christopher Wilson
SH City Commissioner, SH City Council candidate
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Letter: In appreciation of support