Letter: Mourning a place filled with memories

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I am very saddened by the sale of the property for residential development [“Remembering the LB Petroleum Club,” March 29, 2019].

I would have hoped that the board would have solicited proposals that included keeping the property as a community facility. There are no pools that are available to the public for an affordable fee like the Petroleum Club [had] done over the summers. Any summer weekend the pool has been jammed with neighborhood kids swimming, while their parents enjoyed a cocktail in the patio. Where else can you find that?!?!

The Red Room and adjacent bar are a wonderful example of ‘50s luxury and fine dining [that] you cannot find anywhere.

And the ballroom has been used for so very many community functions. I personally had my wedding reception there, a memorial for a dear friend and a Historical Society sold-out event that filled the room.

The loss of this facility makes me want to cry.

Niki Tennant
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