Councilmember announces effort to save Tanaka Park

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Long Beach 7th District Councilmember Roberto Uranga’s office announced last week that the elected official will be contributing $50,000 to kick off an effort to save Tanaka Park, a 1.4-acre privately owned parcel that is currently serving as a park located at 1400 W. Wardlow Rd., near Caspian Avenue.

“Recently, I learned that the privately-owned land– that the community knows as Tanaka Park– was put up for sale, and I am leading the effort to save the park by contributing $50,000 toward its purchase and land acquisition,” Uranga said. “Tanaka Park is a beautiful gem in west Long Beach that should be preserved for future generations to enjoy.”

Tanaka Park was completed in 2004 and was developed in a collaboration between the Tanaka family and former councilmembers Ray Grabinski and Tonia Reyes Uranga with coordination from the surrounding community. This collaboration created a park space, on the Tanaka family’s privately-owned parcel, that at one time served as a farming location for their business.

Since then, Tanaka Park has provided a source of green space to west Long Beach residents with its playground, half-court basketball court and walking trail, according to the councilmember’s office.

Uranga began a campaign to save Tanaka Park that will be spearheaded with the aforementioned $50,000 contribution from his district infrastructure funds. These funds will be used toward the effort to purchase the parcel so that “it can remain a park and community asset in perpetuity.”