Letters, emails, website comments and statements | June. 27, 2019

A danger to democracy?

I am tremendously disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision [Thursday in two partisan gerrymandering cases involving Maryland and North Carolina]. I believe that extreme partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional, is counter to the intent of the framers and is dangerous to democracy. The Supreme Court has now had two opportunities to decide the constitutionality of extreme partisan gerrymandering, punting last year, and now, the majority essentially saying they can’t be bothered. As Justice [Elena] Kagan said in her dissent, “For the first time ever, this Court refuses to remedy a constitutional violation because it thinks the task beyond judicial capabilities.”

I will continue to fight, as I have for decades now, to end extreme partisan gerrymandering and enact fair alternative approaches, such as independent redistricting commissions.

But, time is running out. If something isn’t done before the upcoming 2020 decennial census, the maps that we will see from some state legislatures will continue the legacy of partisan gerrymandering and because software and big data are constantly improving, 2020 will potentially be some of the most undemocratic drawn to date.

Alan Lowenthal
U.S. Representative
California’s 47th District