Mayor Garcia calls for city earthquake-preparedness report following string of recent temblors


The large earthquakes and aftershocks that have rocked Southern California this past week have left many shaken, including Mayor Robert Garcia who has requested that Long Beach City Manager Pat West present a report on earthquake preparedness in Long Beach at the July 16 city council meeting, according to a city press release.

The report will include updates on the Alert Long Beach system, seismic studies of buildings in the city and general readiness for natural disasters.

“The recent large earthquakes are a reminder that we always need to be prepared for a major earthquake in Long Beach and across the region,” Garcia stated in the press release. “While I have complete confidence in our first responders, now is the time to ensure we have procedures and protocols in place to respond when disaster strikes.”

The recent string of large-magnitude earthquakes from Ridgecrest, about three hours north of Long Beach, have brought the first serious seismic activity to Long Beach in decades, according to the city press release.

The earthquakes have provided a good opportunity for city officials to review Long Beach’s disaster response protocols, the city press release stated.

The city manager’s report will include information on the city’s resident notification system, Alert Long Beach, and provide an update on the city’s study of seismic issues in Long Beach, the city said.