LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Worth all the money?

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Long Beach taxpayers can’t afford the salaries we pay city employees. Our city has some of the highest taxes in the country– it constantly wants to add new ones– yet our roads are becoming undriveable! We still have a fire station that lacks an engine capable of putting water on a fire, and with all the new development downtown, its fire station has only one engine when it used to have two. We no longer have enough police officers to adequately protect residents– burglaries are rampant– and it seems someone is shot nearly every day. It’s obvious that as taxpayers, we are not getting our money’s worth when 80 city employees now make over $300,000 a year in wages and benefits! If you [visit] this link, you will see numerous pages of city employees making over $200,000.
transparentcalifornia.com/salaries/2018/long-beach/. This is not sustainable!

Richard Gutmann
Long Beach resident