Dine LBC, Long Beach chefs band together to feed the homeless before week-long event

The 6th annual Dine LBC, a week long event where folks can try various foods from dozens of local eateries, is set to start this Saturday, Aug. 3.

To kick off the festivities, Dine LBC decided to bring the event to the homeless population via its Chefs Serve Shelters event on Tuesday, July 30, at the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

“We realize that there are many among us who won’t get the chance to dine out during Dine LBC,” Terri Henry, organizer of the Dine LBC, stated in a press release. “Serving a gourmet restaurant style meal to our neighbors struggling with homelessness is our way of bringing restaurant week to them and including everyone in Dine LBC.”

Staff from Meant to Be Cafe, The Attic, PigBurd, L’Opera Ristorante, Hof’s Hut and Saint & Second served multi-course meals to about 250 shelter residents and individuals living on the streets.

“Dine LBC is important for our restaurant, but not everyone gets to participate,” Raquel Jubran, chef representing PigBurd, said. “So we like to bring our cuisine out to the less fortunate so that they get to have good food too just like the average, everyday, working people.”

The chefs working behind the counter inside the mission’s mess hall banded together to cook up mineral-packed vegan lentils, cinnamon-chip salads served with pasta and a small pie for dessert.

Josh Batovsky, Meant to Be Cafe chef and owner, said he and his family have always jumped at the opportunity to help homeless individuals. Now that he owns a restaurant, he said he is proud to help the homeless while representing his business.

“Putting our love into the food and sharing it with them is important,” he said.

Dine LBC is planning to host another homeless-service event in November before Thanksgiving.