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An arm and a leg for teeth

I have insurance. Yesterday I went to my dentist for what I thought would be a rather routine procedure. After a bunch of x-rays and other (I thought) excessive tests, the “friendly” receptionist said my co-pay would amount to $2,000!
Though they do not offer a payment plan, she pointed me in the direction of a “hard-money” lender who might be able to help out.
I’m not sure of the answer to the health-care issue. But, I do know that when the middle class and the great “unwashed” (under-class) are in the same sinking ship, social catastrophe is looming.
Death counselors may or may not be a myth. But, as in Oriental countries (past and present), the solace of Opium dens offer harried citizens a respite from seeming unsolvable pain and suffering. The American style may take the form of booze and subscription pain medications. Anything to make it through, or into, that good night.

Joe Mack
Long Beach

Give life

I know Long Beach residents generously give back to the community with their time and money. That’s why I’m partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive.
Blood donations always dip to dangerously low levels during the summertime. This is an opportunity for you to give a life-saving gift by donating your blood and time.

The blood drive will take place on:
Wednesday, September 9
10:45am to 3:45pm
Long Beach Main Library
101 Pacific Ave.

You can sign up by visiting, [clicking “Give Blood” ] and typing in the code “CLB.” Or you can call for an appointment at (562) 570-7162.

The Red Cross serves more than 150 hospitals in Southern California, including four in the Long Beach area. The goal for the Red Cross is to maintain a three-day supply since one blood user can seriously reduce the available blood supply.
If you have any questions, please contact my office at (562) 570-6801 or email me at [email protected] Good luck!

Mayor Bob Foster

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