Second Council District candidate submits 62 affidavits claiming increase in accidents on Broadway


Long Beach Second District Council candidate Robert Fox dropped off 62 affidavits at the Long Beach Police Department Tuesday from residents, who live along the Broadway corridor, which claim the recent reconfiguration, or “road diet,” of Broadway has caused more accidents.

Fox’s campaign collected the affidavits following a “road diet” protest on July 15.

The statements asked residents to detail the accidents that have occurred on Broadway. Fox and his supporters say that the redesign of the Broadway corridor has made the road more difficult to use. Reduced lanes and parallel parking spaces are some of the complaints some residents stated during last month’s protest.

Fox said that traffic has diverted from Broadway and has spilled onto surrounding residential streets, causing businesses to close.

Fox told the Signal Tribune during a phone call Tuesday that he collected the statements in an effort to present evidence to the police about the increase in accidents on Broadway.

“We should really retain, for our records, every single call to the police department,” Fox said about the data LBPD collects. “It gives us more of an in-depth idea of how this is impacting the people, and the safety of the people.”

The LBPD did not quickly respond to questions concerning the status of the 62 affidavits and when they will present findings. The police also did not quickly respond to questions about an increase or decrease in accidents reported on Broadway since the road diet was implemented.