Farm Lot 59 vandalized once again, owner says

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Courtesy Farm Lot 59

Vandals have once again targeted Farm Lot 59, a Long Beach agricultural nonprofit organization. The unknown trespassers damaged a metal sign and a dumpster. Graffiti was also found on the garage door and on signs.

The farm’s owner, Sasha Kanno, released a newsletter on Aug. 8 explaining the most current damage sustained by the farm, as well as the pattern of vandalism the lot has been victimized by over the years.

“This is nothing new,” Kanno wrote in her newsletter. “We have been burglarized, threatened, vandalized and felt insecure at our parcel since inception.”

The Signal Tribune reported on another incident of significant vandalism that occurred on the farm in 2016, in which Kanno said that intruders “flipped everything over, pulled the irrigation out of the overhead system, thrashed the greenhouse, [and there was] a little bit of graffiti.”

The 2016 incident cost Farm Lot 59 approximately $2,000 in damages. As of press time, the monetary cost for the most recent incident of vandalism is unknown.

In her newsletter on Aug 8., Kanno attributed the lot’s vulnerability towards trespassers to its isolated location.

“The pro about our location [is] that [it] is a little remote slice of the city. The con of the location [is] the same. We are situated in Willow Springs Gulch which is for the most part an undeveloped piece of park and rec. Until the park is cleaned up, the main gate has regular hours, the public is welcome to come and enjoy the space,” Kanno stated in her newsletter.

The recent and repeated destruction of farm property has caused Kanno to re-evaluate the security needs of the organization.

“Its crucial that we install spotlights and cameras. These things might continue to happen but at least we will be able to abate more and report with footage,” Kanno said in her newsletter.

As of the Signal Tribune’s visit to Farm Lot 59 on Aug. 21, the graffiti on the signs and garage door had been removed.