Thoughts from the Publisher | Aug. 23, 2019

I haven’t written a column in the Signal Tribune for about a year. Serious illnesses, a car accident and losing two family members (my mom and my Aunt Jeraldine) has pretty much kept me from wanting to be social both in person and with the written word for the paper. I haven’t attended many public events, either including Bixby Knolls First Fridays and Signal Hill City Council meetings.

Last week I did attend the opening of the new Signal Hill library and sat in on part of the Signal Hill council meeting. I was informed ahead of time that the council would be adjourning the meeting in my mother’s honor. Mom passed away on July 15 at 99 years old (or as she reminded us in the last few months: 99 and a half.)

I haven’t run an obituary for her in our paper. I just can’t. Although it has been more than a month since she passed, I just haven’t been able to pull myself together enough to do even the simplest of things. Hell, I’ve just been able to feel the grief and start crying over the last week or so. My heart is truly broken in a way that will never mend. She was my life.

I will do my best to soon get back to writing to you folks, my gentle readers. This is my first attempt. Thank you all for reading our paper over the last 20 years and for supporting our advertisers. I’m sorry I have been so absent.