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I watched the Aug. 12, 2019 [Signal Hill] City Council meeting on my computer and read the Signal Tribune [article] regarding the same meeting. One section involved the city’s study of allowing marijuana sales. Although the Signal Tribune does a fine reporting job, I feel they left out this important part of the meeting that the public should know. During the city council meeting, Councilmember Edward Wilson strongly supported the legalization of marijuana in the City of Signal Hill, and spoke of his personal involvement in the marijuana business outside the city. That information did not show up in the Signal Tribune.
Even though a city official is not legally bound by the city laws if his business is not within the city limits, I think that an elected city official should be bound by the ethics guidelines that all city employees must sign. If a person who is voting on a law to support a business in the hopes that it will be passed in the City of Signal Hill, and they may monetarily benefit from that law, then I think the person, Wilson in this case, should review his moral promises to abide by the ethics that come with his position and not support marijuana in the city.

Gary Dudley
Former Signal Hill Parks and Recreation Commissioner