Letter to the Editor: Measure A the unnecessary tax?

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The City of Long Beach ballot proposition is a new tax. Our so-called leaders want to say it is not new because it is an extension of a tax that is supposed to expire. These so-called leaders make false claims that we need Measure A. What we need are new leaders who know how to prioritize a budget and live within it. Police, fire and infrastructure should be totally funded before anything else get funds. That is why we have local government. That includes functioning fire stations and not years to replace what they have underfunded and allowed to waste away. Leaders, and not political hacks planning their futures. Leaders, who fund repairs to the damaged Bellflower Boulevard and bill Edison [Company] for their negligence and don’t wait months for repairs that are going to take more months. They use expensive “consultants” to tell them where road repairs need to be made. They drive around with laser mounted vehicles. Why don’t city council persons and staff walk or ride their bikes or drive and note the obvious road defects, potholes and broken sidewalks for attention. Do not fall for their broken record repeating over and over that if you want road repairs, police or fire services you must give them more and more money. Nonsense. Vote no, and vote the incumbents out, and replace them with fiscally responsible people.

John T. Anderson
Long Beach resident