Long Beach City College District received 120 donated cases of food for student food pantry

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Courtesy LBCC
Long Beach City College staff place the food donations from the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters into the Viking Vault food pantry at the Pacific Coast Campus on Aug. 30.

The Long Beach Community College District (LBCCD) announced Friday that it received a donation of 120 cases of food on Aug. 30 from the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (SRCC).

The food was collected for the college’s “Viking Vault” food pantries and will be distributed to Long Beach City College students in need, according to a LBCCD press release.

“Many of our students are extremely grateful to have one less thing to stress about on days when just getting to class is a hardship,” Vivian Malauulu, LBCCD Board of Trustees president, stated in the press release. “Knowing that there is food available to them for free at our Viking Vaults thanks to generous community organizations like the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters helps ease the burden of hunger for students who face food insecurity.”

This is the second year in a row the Council of Carpenters have collected food specifically for LBCC students, the district said.

Frank Zambrano,a member of the SRCC, told the LBCCD that many of the union members have children who struggle through the college system, which made the food donation relatable for the employees.

“We are aware that with today’s students, one in five students go hungry,” Zambrano said in the press release. “We are very aware of the situation.”

Throughout the past three years, LBCCD Board of Trustees Members Dr. Virginia Baxter and Sunny Zia and the LBCC’s Student Health Services have initiated a series of efforts to help alleviate the housing and food insecurities faced by LBCC students, the press release stated.

The Viking Vault food pantries located at both campuses provides nutritional items for students to eat both on campus and to take for meal preparation off campus, the LBCCD reported.

“LBCC has really ramped it up when making efforts to help our students who are in need,” Reagan Ferragamo Romali, LBCCD superintendent-president was quoted in the press release. “And with the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters being so generous with us last year, we are so fortunate to be the recipients of this wonderful gift again.”

For more information on donating non-perishable food items, toiletries or financial assistance, please contact the LBCC Foundation at (562) 938-4134 or Student Health Services at (562) 938-3032.