Psychedelic, garage-rock band ‘Nocona’ ending their tour in Long Beach; bluesier music reflects America’s politically polarized underbelly

Photo by Brennan McMurray
Nocona, the psychedelic, garage-rock band pictured above, will play at the PCH Club on Sept. 27 at 9pm located at 6285 Pacific Coast Hwy. The band has been on tour across Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee and will return to California for its last show.

Fresh out of playing at Americanafest in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Hi-Ho lounge in New Orleans, Louisiana, bluesy garage-rock band Nocona is on their way to Texas, the second to the last state on their tour before coming home to California and ending their tour in Long Beach, on Sept. 27.

Whether playing a 20-minute long “power-set” or a 3-hour long performance, the band was certain to play singles from their new record and end with their energetic psychedelic encore finales.

Regarding their musical influences, lead singer, songwriter and guitar player Chris Isom said, “It’s a pretty eclectic source”, citing bands from New York’s hardcore scene, country, garage-rock, jazz and blues.

Their latest released single “Stabby Mike” has more of a bluesier sound than some of their previously recorded material, an impression of what’s to come on their soon to be released third album titled, “Los Dos”, coming out in early 2020.

Accompanying the darker sound of “Stabby Mike” were visuals that included police brutality, bombings and the nuclear family, reflecting an underbelly in our current American climate that Isom spoke about.

“The stuff that’s going on in America– there’s a lot of dark underbelly. You just can’t help it when you sit down to write a song, it seems that for the past couple of years, there’s a sort of pessimism, so it may be a little harder to write a super happy song,” Isom said. “Stuff that has a little bit more of a bluesier feel; that sort of more darker blues just feels right.”

Unlike the previous albums, the band was set on recording “Los Dos” in a garage, giving the band’s usual Americana feel a raw, garage-rock twist.

It’s not all morose material, as Isom says, “There’s a fair amount of sort of brooding, darker kind of themed things on this record but we have some other stuff too on there that we can balance it out with.”

Nocona will play at the PCH Club on Sept. 27 at 9pm located at 6285 Pacific Coast Hwy.