City of Long Beach launches digital inclusion roadmap development process to promote digital equality and inclusion


The City of Long Beach’s Technology and Innovation Department, in collaboration with the Economic Development Department, is launching efforts for a Digital Inclusion Roadmap that will address the digital divide and promote digital equity and inclusion in Long Beach.

“Having access to high-speed and quality Internet services is essential for completing day-to-day tasks such as applying for a job or accessing health information,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “The groundwork of the Digital Inclusion Roadmap will ensure that everyone in Long Beach has equitable access and use of digital inclusion resources and services.”

Last year, the Digital Inclusion Initiative was approved by the entire City Council. The Digital Inclusion Roadmap development process, which is part of the Digital Inclusion Initiative, is supported by a fund transfer of $40,000 offset by First Council District one-time District Priority Funds, approved by the City Council on March 19, 2019.

With the funds, City staff have contracted with two consulting firms to assist with stakeholder engagement and community outreach and engagement. The foundation of the Roadmap will include collaborating with the community and cross-sector partners to uplift communities most in need during the development and implementation phases. The project will continue through July 2020.

Digital Inclusion Week

In alignment with the Roadmap development, the City is celebrating Digital Inclusion Week from October 7 to 11.

The City defines digital inclusion through an equity lens, which means proactively ensuring everyone has equitable access and use of digital literacy training, the Internet, technology devices and other digital resources. The City provides free public Wi-Fi, computer literacy trainings and public access PCs through the Long Beach Public Library.

For a list of resources, please visit:

Digital Inclusion Week efforts include in-person grassroots community outreach and a social media engagement campaign to educate communities about the digital inclusion resources available in Long Beach and about the City’s 2020 Census efforts.