Some roads will be closed for the Long Beach Marathon, here’s what you need to do

On your left!

Runners participating in the JetBlue Long Beach Marathon on Oct. 13 will be zooming through parts of the city, which will prompt the closures of some streets.

Roads will close at 5am on Sunday, Oct. 13, unless otherwise noted, and closures impact both sides of the street, unless otherwise noted. Roads will re-open at various times, with some as early as 10am.

The Long Beach Police Department will reopen the roads once the participants pass. All roads are expected to re-open by 2pm, the City noted in a press release.

Streets closures include the following:

• Shoreline Drive, northbound, from Shoreline Village to Ocean Boulevard (note: closure begins at 7 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12)

• Shoreline Drive, from Shoreline Village Ocean Boulevard, (note: closure begins at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12)

• Pine Avenue, from Shoreline Drive to Seaside Way

• Queensway Bridge, from Shoreline Drive to the 710 Freeway

• Ocean Boulevard, from Livingston Drive to 54th Street

• Livingston Drive, from Termino Avenue to Broadway

• Nieto Avenue, from Appian Way to Broadway

• Appian Way, from Nieto Avenue to 3rd Street

• Third Street, from Appian Way to Paoli Way

• Marine Stadium from Nieto Avenue to Bayshore Avenue

• E. Colorado Street from Orlena Avenue to Appian Way

• Orlena Avenue from E. Colorado Street to 4th Street

• 4th Street from Monrovia Avenue to Orlena Avenue

• Monrovia Avenue from 6th Street to 4th Street

• 6th Street from Park Avenue to Monrovia Avenue

• Park Avenue from Anaheim Street to Appian Way

• Anaheim Street from Pacific Coast Highway to Park Avenue

• Clark Avenue, northbound, from Atherton Street to Anaheim Street

• Atherton Street, westbound, from Clark Avenue to Bellflower Boulevard

• Palo Verde Avenue, southbound, from Atherton Street to Anaheim Street

• Atherton Street, from Bellflower Boulevard to Palo Verde Avenue

• Ocean Boulevard, from Livingston Drive to Alamitos Avenue

Streets along the race course will be marked with No Parking signs, and vehicles in violation of the posted signs will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense, the City said.

To see more details about entering and exiting the affected neighborhoods of Belmont Shore, the Peninsula, Naples, Belmont Heights, Bluff Park, Bluff Heights, Alamitos Beach, Park Estates and Los Altos, click here.

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