Two-day Legion Sports Fest will feature competitions, athletic feats and more


Athletes will soon descend upon the Long Beach Convention Center to compete as the Legion Sports Fest arrives downtown.

The two-day fitness festival will take place on Saturday, Nov. 9 and Sunday, Nov. 10. It will feature athletic contests, such as powerlifting, a kickboxing/Muay Thai tournament, armwrestling and more.

The event will also feature FALLOUT2, a Functional Fitness competition with over 100 competitors. The contest will include both individual and team-only events.

A portion of the proceeds from FALLOUT2 will be donated to the Challenged Athlete Foundation, an organization that helps individuals with physical challenges afford specialized equipment.

Along with athletic competitions, the event will feature other activities for attendees.

“We worked tirelessly to create the ultimate fitness weekend for the fast-growing Long Beach fitness community. We’re proud to open doors next week to an amazing variety of fitness sports, entertainment, seminars, exhibitors, celebrities and more. Everyone involved is going to have a blast,” Ted Johanson, partner of Legion Sports Festival, said in a press release.

The festival will also feature over 150 vendors.

The event will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center at 300 E Ocean Blvd. Day one will take place between the hours of 9am to 5pm, and day two will be between 9am and 7pm.

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